Painting landscapes on ceramic tiles with slips
In fact it is a challenge that not many ceramists and potters dare to meet. To my knowledge, there are not many potters / ceramists who paint ceramic tiles with engobes.

engobes-en-seringueWhat is an engobe? It's simply liquefied clay mixed with ceramic pigments! Engobes have existed since time immemorial and potters have always used them to decorate their pottery.

44 colors is my nowaday palette ...

Dinnerware set

The crockery includes 7 pieces. Large 10.5 "plate, 9" breakfast plate, bread plate, saucer, cup, soup bowl and dessert bowl.Set de vaisselle - Claude Savoie, potier
I use this crockery for over 20 years with my greatest satisfaction. It is made of a clay called stoneware. We can decorate this tableware in a multitude of colors and decorations according to your own specifications. We can also make many service dishes to accompany this crockery. The quality of this dish is exceptional and of great hardness. It can be used in the dishwasher, in a conventional oven and in the microwave with certain precautions.

Cribbage board
Planche  de crible
Monotile cribbage board, 20 inches long by 8 inches wide, ¼ inch thick, embedded in a mahogany board

Here is another one of my exceptional pieces that required a lot of patience when designing. A monotuile of about 20 inches. x 8 in. x ¼ in. The cribble / tile board is embedded in a 1 "high wooden panel. thick x 12 in. width x 30 in. length.

We can also affix 3 legs to make it a unique game table. This tile with game-shaped decoration is fired at 2100 degrees Farenheit. A piece that will be the envy of fans of this game.
A piece that will be the envy of fans of this game.

Pizza oven
25 inches in diameter by 18 to 22 inches in height. Flameware clay (near 2400 ° F) that I mix myself.
The pizza oven is one of the major pieces of my ceramic production. Its size and its different variants oblige me to produce it only on request. (workshop space). It is made of a special clay called "flameware" (direct fire proof) that I produce myself. Its dimensions are: 24 in. in diameter x 18 in. height. It is constantly changing (shapes, colors, etc.) It is fixed on a ¼ "aluminum plate. thick and its floor is covered with firebricks. Its weight is about 100 kg (220 lbs).Four à pizza
To the front of the oven, horizontally to the floor. there is a turntable powered by a B.B.Q engine. under the aluminum plate / floor to turn the pizzas during baking to achieve even cooking. This feature requires placing the oven on bricks to accommodate the space required for the motor B.B.Q. I also designed an optional "iron profile" stylized table for the oven. As fuel, I use maple (split firewood), we can also use charcoal. If you want to use it to make bread, we can bake the bread open or put the door to cook the bread in residual heat. As the oven is also equipped with a door, it allows us to convert it into a smoking room with the addition of different accessories. You can of course use the oven as a patio hearth by removing the turntable and the door. You can also use it as B.B.Q. with different accessories. It does not require or very little maintenance. It will not rust and corrode itself, it is a device that will follow you a great part of your life and will give you a lot of pleasure and satisfaction during your meetings. However, you must be patient to take possession of it. (For the moment between 1 ½ months and 6 months of delay, depending on the order book)

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