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to Claude Savoie, potter

This site is constantly developing, you can have an overview of our current production, and also a look at pieces that have already been presented at the Salon des Métiers d’art du Québec and also offered at various local exhibitions and markets.

Have a nice visit, and come back often to see us, we have beautiful projects on the move!

In headlines ...

Always new challenges:

  • I am experimenting with the use of a special Plainsman clay called Polar Ice.
    It is a porcelain and to obtain this translucency which characterizes it, it must be worked around 1/8 " thick.

    Argile Polar Ice Moulin
    The blades are made of cedar shingles. The colors are of my composition with this same clay liquefied and pigmented. Many other models to come.
  • This picture shows my color palette for translucent porcelain.
    Argile Polar Ice Palette

Sections to discover on my site:

  • "My boutique", which presents the most recent pieces of my production. (English description to come...)
  • Painting ceramic tiles with slip (engobes), a challenge!
    But what is an engobe?

Two galleries to visit:

  • The main gallery, in addition to being presented in Animation mode, is now visible in Virtual mode, easier to consult.
  • Visit the « Les Tuiles » gallery, exclusive to Claude Savoie.

Ah! yes, there are also Recipes using my pots ...


To consult the summary profile of the ceramist / potter Claude Savoie.

To contact us:

Email: claude @ savoie.com